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Colleges and Universities in Riverside, CA

Our database includes records of 33 colleges and universities in Riverside, California. Click a name from the below list to view location details.

College or University Name
All American Contractors License School
Anthony Schools
Associated Business Programs
Associated Technical College
Auto Lab Technical School
C C Career Development Center
California Baptist University
California Paramedical And Technical College
California Paramedical And Technical College
California School Of Court Reporting-riverside
California Southern Law School
Carter Vocational Schools Inc
Center For Employment Training-riverside
Computer Education Institute-riverside
Gino Robair Beauty College
La Sierra University
La Sierra University
Lumbleau Real Estate School
National Bartenders School
National University
New York West
Opportunities Industrialization Center-inland Area
Phillips College Inland Empire Campus
Riverside Air Service
Riverside Community College
Riverside General Hospital
Southern California School Of Massage
United Mortgage And Tellers School
United States Truck Driving School
United Truck Driving School
United Truck Driving School
University Of California-riverside
Valley Hypnosis Center

If you're not looking for a school in Riverside, California, or if you've arrived at this page by error, we encourage you find a college or university by selecting other criteria. Find a school in a California location other than Riverside by visiting the California search page or begin your research from the colleges and universities homepage where you'll have the opportunity to easily navigate a list of over 11,000 institutions by selecting criteria such as name, location, degree offerings, or affiliation.

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