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Public Schools in Raleigh, NC

Our database includes records of 79 public schools in Raleigh, North Carolina. Click a name from the below list to view location details.

School Name
Athens Drive High
Baileywick Road Elementary
Baker Charter High
Brassfield Elementary
Brentwood Elementary
Brooks Elementary
Bugg Elementary
Carnage Middle
Carroll Middle
Casa Esperanza Montessori
Centennial Campus Middle
Combs Elementary
Conn Elementary
Daniels Middle
Dillard Drive Elementary
Dillard Drive Middle
Douglas Elementary
Durant Road Elementary
Durant Road Middle
East Millbrook Middle
East Wake Middle
Fox Road Elementary
Fuller Elementary
Gov Morehead School
Green Elementary
Hilburn Drive Elementary
Hope Elementary
Hunter Elementary
Jeffreys Grove Elementary
Joyner Elementary
Lacy Elementary
Lead Mine Elementary
Leesville Road Elementary
Leesville Road High
Leesville Road Middle
Ligon Middle
Lynn Road Elementary
Magellan Charter
Martin Middle
Millbrook Elementary
Millbrook High
Moore Square Museum Magnet Mid
Mount Vernon
Needham Broughton High
North Ridge Elementary
Oak Grove Elementary
Olds Elementary
Partnership Elementary
Penny Road Elementary
Phillips High
Pleasant Union Elementary
Poe Elementary
Powell Elementary
Preeminent Charter
Quest Academy
Raleigh Charter High
Root Elementary
Sanderson High
Smith Elementary
Southeast Raleigh High
Sparc Academy
Stough Elementary
Swift Creek Elementary
Torchlight Academy
Underwood Elementary
Vance Elementary
Wakefield Elementary
Wakefield High
Wakefield Middle
Washington Elementary
West Millbrook Middle
Wilburn Elementary
Wildwood Forest Elementary
Wiley Elementary
William G Enloe High
Yates Mill Elementary
York Elementary

If you're not looking for a school in Raleigh, North Carolina, or if you've arrived at this page by error, we encourage you find a public school by selecting other criteria. Find a school in a North Carolina location other than Raleigh by visiting the North Carolina search page or begin your research from the public schools homepage where you'll have the opportunity to easily navigate a list of over 95,000 institutions by selecting criteria such as name or location.

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