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Accelerated educational programs are designed in such a way to give an educational training or knowledge to a group of persons who have missed their formal education and now cannot spend the time to go through the normal curriculum. Such accelerated programs are not uncommon. However, these are more prevalent in backward communities. In a certain school, in a rural area, with a student population of less than 1,000 an accelerated program was carried out. The general objective of this program was to provide a complete, enriched school education to deprived students who would not otherwise go to school.

The evaluation was based on grant documents, quarterly and final reports, a three day field visit to the school, and a questionnaire survey sent to forty-nine of the school’s students who were enrolled in the Accelerated Educational Program. The results within six months of the accelerated education program carried out were...

  • The number of students at this school increased by 43% since the project began.
  • The school is providing a liberal education to some students who do not meet the entrance requirements for state colleges.
  • The college has developed a model career education program with a very successful career placement office, and
  • 60% of the students from other rural areas surrounding this schools have maintained or improved their grade point average from the first semester they entered the program to their most recent semester at the school.
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