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A bachelor's degree is usually an undergraduate academic degree awarded for a course or major that generally lasts for three, four, or in some cases and countries, five or six years. This is the first of all degrees that a student obtains after admission to a University. The Bachelorís degree can be divided in to two categories. One is the Honours degree and the other Ordinary degree.

An Honours degree is of a higher academic standard. However the practice of writing 'Hons' as part of the degree designation, for example like BSc (Hons) is unofficial and is considered by many as an mannerism. An Honours degree is always awarded in one of four classes depending upon the marks gained in the final assessments and examinations. Similarly, an Ordinary degree, does not give the graduate the right to add '(Hons)í in the degree designation, may be awarded if a student has completed the full honours degree course but has obtained a low pass mark which is insufficient to merit even third-class honours degree. Further, Ordinary bachelorís degrees are awarded to all undergraduate students who have completed the course and obtained sufficient marks to pass the final assessments and examinations. A person with an Bachelorís degree with honours has a edge over the person without honours in the Bachelors degree when applying for jobs.

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