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For a student to begin a smooth transition from the high school to the College he must understand a basic fact. That is to say that high school is a teaching atmosphere in which you learn facts and skills on how to use those facts that you have learnt. In the college it is a learning environment. At College you take responsibility for thinking through and applying what you have learned.

Going to High school is mandatory and usually free in most countries. But, College is voluntary and expensive. So you must decide that you will have to make the best use of the money that your parents will have to spend. At high school your time is structured by others. You have to work to a time table set by the principal. At College you will have to manage your own time. There again, unless you are disciplined you will be wasting your time and money. You need permission to participate in extracurricular activities at high school. Your class teacher has to recommend your name to be included in any extra curricular activity. At College you must decide for your self whether to take part in co-curricular activities.

It all depends on how well you can manage your time and money to be able to participate in various activities at College. At College you are a young adult learning to take your own decisions. Unless you are calm and collected in making decisions at college, you can loose your way only to be lost forever.

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