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Transitioning From Middle School to High School


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Starting the college life from the middle school to the high school is one of the most important stages of a child’s life. The smoother it is the better it will be on the Psychology of the child. The worst period is the first few weeks at the high school. The ragging that takes place at some schools today can badly affect the child. Parents and Teachers must ensure that the new entrants to high school are treated with kindness. Programs must be organised to have a good interaction between the fresher and the seniors.

Having done that, a child has teething problems at high school. Sometimes children who did well in the middle school may go down in their high school marks. This is where parents must come in and encourage the child to do better. In most cases, when a child enters high school some parents tend to think that their child is a n adult can make affairs on the own. This is a big mistake. It is at this stage of their education and life that they need more help, guidance, advice and care. If not they can be lost in the larger and unfamiliar school - both metaphorically and literally.

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