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Nursing Assistant Schools

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Nursing Assistants are nursing aides who will have to work under the direct supervision of a registered nurse and other qualified medical staff. Most often nursing assistants are entrusted with patients who are convalescing after surgery or those elderly who need assistance. Nursing Assistants have more direct contact with patients and provide personal care.

Since Nursing Assistants have to provide support service to the registered nurses and other qualified medical staff which often involves taking vital signs of patients, set up equipment such as X-ray machines and drips, observing and reporting how patients respond to the care, they need some formal knowledge on nursing.

In order to achieve the above, there are Nursing Assistant Schools that train those who are interested in this profession and award a certificate. Students are required to attend 3 to 4 hours day or afternoon clinical shifts that may include days other than the course dates for practical. One of the basic requirements for admission to a Nursing Assistant school is the Students must be able to lift a minimum of 40 pounds. This course will provide training in all patient care aspects that are necessary to obtain certification nursing assistant. Clinical externships are provided at acute care and long-term care sites after completing on-campus lab sessions. The training will also be in hospitals, nursing homes with patients and provides assistance with daily living tasks such as dressing, bathing, feeding, toileting, vital signs, catheter care, bed making, etc.

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