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It is very difficult to say for sure how many students follow the high school home schooling method. Some estimates have revealed that they make up about 1 percent of the total school-aged population and almost 10 percent of the privately schooled population. However, this practice is followed in the US. But, most other countries discourage this practice for good reasons.

This practice is not so common today as there are many schools and more attraction to a child at school. But, some religious and ethnic groups insist on home schooling for their children. Most home schooling is only for the first few years. The percentage of children who reach age 18 with some home-schooling experience will be larger than 1 percent. Until a well-designed household survey is conducted, however, it will be extremely difficult to estimate this percentage.

Parents who opt for home schooling should ensure that they get the right tutorial material and they work according to the accepted syllabus. If this is not strictly followed the children may face difficulties in answering question papers at public examinations. Constitutionally, there is room for home schooling, but it is important that both parents are qualified people who can tutor the child.

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