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Tips For Choosing a Culinary Arts School


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So you have decided to make a career in the culinary arts, and intend to increase your skills and career prospects by signing up for college training. Since you already recognize how important training is you will want to be certain that you train at a really good school which can give you both the education you want and a respected diploma or degree. Here are some ideas and questions to bear in mind when choosing a cooking school...

  • What is the program content? Does it cover the major areas of study you will need and offer a good balance between theoretical and practical culinary skills?

  • How many students and staff are there?

  • Will you get an opportunity to work in a restaurant or other culinary location as part of your training? Are local opportunities for part-time culinary work?

  • How successful have graduates from the school been in finding jobs? How do potential employers view a qualification from your intended school?

  • What will the costs of your program be?

You also need to think about issues like living costs where you intend to study, how far it is from home, and what the weather will be like. Finding the answers to questions like these will help you in choosing a cooking school which is right for you.

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