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Best Way to Transition Into College Life


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Transition into College life from high school is very stressful to both the child and parents. It is a major transition for the child, as happy as they may seem about being on their own. First-year students must learn to live with a stranger, navigate a large area of college grounds, and balance academic achievement and a social life without the parents reminding them to do their homework.

Any high school student who's getting ready for College has dozens of questions. Most are concerns about stepping into this unfamiliar territory. While there will be many changes and challenges when you leave the comforts of home and high school, take heart: There are several steps you can take to get over your "first year fears" and get comfortable at your new home. So take a deep breath and relax. You can get relief by reminding yourself there are others who share the same concerns. Sometimes, just talking about fears can make you feel less anxious. Sharing your feelings with other first year students might be as helpful to them as it is to you. But while your friends can understand, they may not have the answers you are looking for. It's important to talk to both those who are experiencing the same feelings and those who have been through it all and survived.

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