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As defined by UNC-General Administration, Continuing Education is a unit of the University College that offers non-degree credit activities including workshops, conferences, seminars, training, short programs, courses or other structured educational experience in which students register by name, but receive no college degree credit.

Further, continuing education may include such educational services like in-service training for teachers on various subjects that they teach. This training can include methods of examining a student, teaching aids and such topics that are useful to the teachers. Continuing education can also cover university professors and university staff in their field of work. Training for health workers on preventive medicine, family health, family planning and related subjects that are useful to a health worker are also considered continuing education. Other professionals like accountants may under training on accounting standards and taxation based on latest fiscal policies of a country. There is corporate-sponsored training. These include training programs for units of government on various subjects like good governance to a group of administrators in developing countries or industry and personal enrichment programs and courses as well.

However, continuing education does not include lectures or other activities that are not open to the public, meetings and lectures held without a registration process, cultural events and intercollegiate activities.

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