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Choosing a Culinary Training Specialization


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If you're interested in food preparation and are considering launching your career in the culinary arts with a college diploma or degree you are probably interested in finding out what cooking skills you can expect to learn from your program. Of course your program will cover a broader range of subjects than cooking alone, but food preparation will be at its heart.

All students will need and want to master the basics of mainstream cooking. This process will involve gaining technical skills in preparation of numerous types of ingredients, such as meat, fish, and vegetables, and being able to combine these ingredients to make attractive and nutritious dishes fit to be served in a good restaurant.

The great tradition of cooking in the western world is French-based. Other courses, however, which may be available on an elective basis, will give students a chance to learn the skills associated with the cooking of a particular culture. There are many to choose from, but Chinese, Indian, and Thai cooking are well-known and all have individual traditions and skills required for the preparation of culturally distinct and distinguished cuisine.

An important specialization is the study of bread and pastry chef skills. If you think of the complex whirls of artisan bread, an elegantly decorated three-tier wedding cake, or a restaurant trolley overflowing with desserts to tempt diners already full to the brim, then you will see why pastry chef is an occupation in its own right demanding many years of experience and highly developed skills.

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