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Choosing a PhD Program


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There are some people who are keen in getting a doctorate or PhD. But, it is important to find out whether a doctorate or PhD is really useful in your career.

Doctorates are basically research degrees that prepare people to become knowledge makers. It is not a glorified degree, which can find you a better job. Once you have answered the question of whether a PhD is for you, then you should get a good understanding or a solid foundation of the field that you are embarking upon for research. Read as much as possible about the field you are going to take. Find out whether research in this field will be useful and you can contribute towards the cause of the chosen field. If you already have a Masters in that field it will be handy. If not, it will be a good idea for you does that prior to embarking on the research, although it is not an essential requirement.

Finally, when you present your personal statement or the statement of purpose you should not include your personal interests and achievements. You should focus your statement on the reasons for your interest in perusing the research for the doctorate in the chosen field.

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