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Selecting an Online University


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The advent of the Internet has completely changed the way we look at education. Although for over two hundred years now people have looked at educating themselves by attending universities out side their home country, distance leaning has taken a complexly new direction with the advent of the Internet technology. There are hundreds and may be thousands of universities that offer various degree programmes online. However, selecting an online university that is recognised is important. If not, the time, effort and money spent in obtaining such degree will be worthless.

You must look at a few things before selecting the online university. Firstly, look whether the university is accredited to a recognised body in the country of its origin. Then look at the success of the online university. Is it open seven days of the week and can you get the necessary support for the course you are registering? Look at the success rate of students and for how long this university had been online.

Some of the online degree programs are not one 100% online. Instead they include instruction through mail, telephone or videotape, or they require some on campus attendance. Be sure your university offers 100% online programs. Look at the tutors and their credentials. Ensure they are not some class teachers in a school with a computer terminal. Once you are satisfied you can go ahead and register.

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