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Selecting the Right Training Program


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In selecting the right training program it is important to keep in mind various factors such as duration, location and cost, while answering the question, what benefits will result for the trainees.

The duration of the training can be an important factor when selecting a training program. Employers will not want a program, which is so long that an employee’s absence, will cause a major disruption to the company's activities.

Where the training program will be given or held is equally important. It is always better to find a training provider located as close as possible to the company, particularly if the budget is limited. You can also opt for on-site training, by selecting a provider that can come to your facilities to train your workers. Most employers are cost conscious. Therefore, cost is another key factor to consider when choosing a training program. Cost includes direct (course fees) and indirect expenditures (loss of earnings and productivity resulting from employee absence during training, plus accommodations and other expense allowances should the employee have to travel for training). The most suitable training program should be selected, giving due consideration to budget availability.

Finally, you must evaluate the cost involved with the benefit to the employee or trainee and the company.

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