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Vocational Training schools play a very important role in a community. Every one cannot go to a university and qualify as an engineer. Still there are people who have an apt to do various engineering work. For such people, a vocational training school is a good place to start. These schools are very common in third world countries where the poor children are given vocational training.

In such countries these are run by governments as well as non-governmental organisations charging nominal fees. It is done more with the idea of providing training in some vocation to school dropouts. It has been found to be very successful and many have been gainfully employed with some even starting their own repair shops for air conditioners and electrical appliances.

Vocational training schools provide training in many disciplines of work so that at the end of the training the trainee can be gainfully employed. The trade in which he or she received the training will become his or her vocation. Today, even young or under aged offenders who get sentenced to longer periods in correction centres are sent to vocational training schools so that they can learn a vocation to help them in their future. Vocational Training schools are an important part of a community and it helps in many ways to fight unemployment.

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